NatMedix started life in 2003 as a tool for doctors with various backgrounds to be able to utilize the best of natural medicine in their practices.  While naturopathic doctors had been using many modalities in their treatments for decades, other practitioners were specialized and needed guidance in using adjunct methods in which they had minimal training.  NatMedix was designed as an expert system for:

  • Chiropractors who knew little about acupuncture,
  • Acupuncturists who knew little about homeopathy,
  • Homeopaths who knew little about botanical medicines,
  • Herbalists who knew little about manual therapies,
  • Massage therapists who knew little about dietary therapies,
  • Integrative medical doctors who were graduating to natural medicine, etc.

NatMedix was originally conceived for Palm Pilots and PDAs (in the days before tablets and smart phones) to be consulted in the exam room.  The massive database is now being converted for online use. For a more in-depth explanation, go HERE.


→ Physical assessment database comprised of our “General Survey”, consisting of analysis of eyes, tongue, pulse, fingernails, stools, or urine to arrive at a treatment plan.

The “General Survey” is a way of using observable physical findings to guide the process of analyzing a person’s health problems. A physical examination can reveal abnormal changes in the eyes, or the tongue, or the fingernails, or the pulse, as well as objective changes in bodily wastes. One needs as little as a single abnormal finding to see which organs or systems are in need of help.

All the objective signs have been meticulously catalogued over the years, in the literature of many medical systems. Most of the diagnostic findings that correlate with these signs are in the conventional medical textbooks. However, there are natural agents that are indicated by specific signs. When you have several agents to consider for a given condition, the one indicated by the tongue or pulse, etc., will be the more reliable one.